Personal Development

302 Principles of personal development in adult care settings.

(a) Everyone needs feedback on their performance in the job that they do so that you can learn ways to do things better and to improve on the way in which you work. With this feedback you will be able to find alternative ways and gain new ideas on how to enhance your job role it will also help to evaluate what should and should be done and show you how to work to the standards that are there to help you.
(b) We will all react differently to constructive feedback, some may feel that they are being criticized for the way that they do their job or their ability to do their job correctly so this may have an impact on their self-esteem, others will take this feedback on board and find ways to find it helpful to help them improve their performances in their job role as a social care worker. Reflective constructive feedback is not away to make you feel inadequate but it is away for you to achieve more your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to flourish in your role as a social care worker.
(c) It’s important to use your feedback from your role as a social care worker as it will inform you of the areas in your job that may have weaknesses in or that you may need to try different approaches with in the care that you give the individuals that you look after. It will give you the opportunity to ask about training or how to improve on certain skills, all this will help you to achieve goals and help you to be a better care worker.