Nowadays, the Private Life of a Politician Is Hardly Private. in Your Opinion, Should We Be so Concerned with the Private Affairs of a Politician or Political Candidate? State Your Position and Support It with Specific Reasons and Examples.

When you think of former president Bill Clinton, what’s the first thing that
comes to mind? Unfortunately, for many people, the first thing they think
of is Monica Lewinsky. Like millions of people around the globe, I was horrified by how much the investigation delved into Mr. Clinton’s private
affairs. No one needed to know the sort of details that were revealed by Ken
Starr’s investigation. But while I don’t want to know the details, I do believe
we have a right to know what sort of lives our politicians are living. I believe
their behavior in private is a reflection of their true values and how they will
behave in office.
For example, if a politician lies to his or her spouse (I’m talking about big
lies, like infidelity, not little white lies), that tells us something about his or
her character. In my opinion, this person is not to be trusted. I wouldn’t
have faith that this politician would keep his or her word. True, the relationship between a husband and wife is very different from that between a
politician and his or her constituents. But the politician’s respect for that
relationship and how he or she deals with any problems in that relationship
reflects his or her level of integrity.
Similarly, if a politician (or political candidate) behaves in an illegal manner, that shows a disrespect for the law. A government official who employs
an illegal resident as a nanny or housekeeper, for example, or pays a nanny
or housekeeper under the table to avoid taxes is acting as if he or she is
above the law—or demonstrating that he or she simply doesn’t care about
the law. This is not the kind of person I want in a public office.
On the other hand, if a politician leads a respectable, law-abiding life at
home, we can expect a respectable, law-abiding performance in office. A
politician who deals honestly with family, friends, and business associates is
likely to deal honestly with his or her constituents as well. A politician who