Notes Need to Notice During Operation of Shaking Table

Along with the increasing popular of mining project, more and more people invested in producing stone crusher machine for mining process. And with the development of mining machinery industry, there are many kinds of mining machines in the market, such as China mobile crushers, ore dressing production line and hydraulic cone crusher and so on. But hav eyou known shaing table separation? If you have not ever heard of it, today our expert will talk something about it. I think you can read this article with your a little time.

The matters needing attention to shaking table separation are as follows:

1. Medium used in the speed range, can prolong the service life of the instrument.

2. The gold ore shaking table should be placed in a strong worktable, should keep clean and tidy environment, ventilated, dry, water supply and drainage is convenient.

3. Before using the instrument, first put speed control knob at the minimum, 'oscillation switch'.

4. Cultivate try a pot: in order to make the instrument work balance performance is good, avoid to produce larger vibration, the bottle should be all try bottle is full of, each bottle of culture should be roughly equal.If less than several culture bottle, but will try bottle placed or symmetrically loading amount of solution to try other bottle is full of empty seats.

5. Turn on the external power, the power switch in the 'open' position, indicator.

6. Select thermostatic temperature

7. Choose the time, set the timer knob to 'time' or 'normally open' position.

8. Open 'oscillation switch', 'light, slowly adjust speed control knob, up to the required speed.(when need to choose a different mode, only need to change the position of the reversing switch.)

9. Before each downtime, the switch should be placed in a non-working state, the timer setting 'zero', cut off power supply. Shaking table separation using the matters needing attention:1, instrument shell should be properly grounded to avoid...