Notes Geography

tes historcatalunia: becomes a meditteranean empire
Catalunia loses its identity
Franco makes it illegal to teach catalan
Catalan is a historical identity
it is a social construct according to Castell
Check Pg. 54
case study

Maps lecture

Humans creation
Representations of human physical features on earths surface

traditionally flat/lack multiple dimensions (changing with computer mapping).
All maps tell stories. because they are human creation so they have bias.
All   pas distort Earth Surface Reality
All maps have scale
1 unit on map represents 10000 of same unit on Earths surface small scale maps
Large scale map as showa smaller sport ion of the earths surface.
Maps use symbols to represent Earths human physical features
Pont, lie, And area
Isolines connect areas of equality
isobars,isotherms, contour lines
Nominal Data
information grouped into categories qualitative considerations
Ordinal data
grouped by rank on basis of quantitative measure
small, medium, large
Interval Data
information arranged using a standard scale along which addition substractionhas meaning
Ratio data
information arranged along a scale begging at non-arbitrary zero point
multiplication and division may be used to consider proportions and magnitudes
All maps lie.


Europe is divided through Ural mountains and constantinople

Exploitation:Cmplete maximum use for immediate gain/profit
Conservation:attempt to balance use with long term availability.

define Malthusian

Define Technocentrist view? that technology can and will overcome any challenges.

ROle of INternationla Trade/Markets
power brokers

resource rent

Supply And Demand

shift production
market activities

Resource Scarcity may lead to conflict
scarce resource war hypothesis

counter arguments
1. Scarcity And pressure=catalyst for innovation
2. International...