Northern America Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences Mining Market 2015 Key Trends, Forecast and Analysis


Northern America Maintenance and Aftermarket Preferences Mining Industry 2015 by Market Research Store report provides a detailed analysis of customer preferences throughout the Northern American mining sector, focusing on the factors that influence preferences for maintenance and aftermarket services across Canada and the US. The analysis is based on Timetric’s extensive survey of 100 mine managers and procurement managers.
Areas of analysis include:

Customer preferences for maintenance and aftermarket support structure. These include opting for either original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or independent third parties as providers of three equipment parts categories: strategic parts, non-strategic parts and processing-related equipment.
After sales equipment support preferences across three options; 'work with me', 'do it for me'; and 'do it myself'.
Preferences for type of service contract, including maintenance only, operation and maintenance, and life cycle management.
In each case responses are analysed by mine type, company size, commodity and country.

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Executive summary

Overall trends in the data revealed:
• OEMs dominate the market for strategic parts, with 55% of respondents reporting that they only use OEMs for such parts, while 43% use a mix of both OEM and third-party providers. The small remainder uses only third-party-providers.
• North America is the one global mining region where third parties have an advantage. Some 41% of underground respondents involve third-party providers for strategic parts, versus 31% for surface respondents.
• 66% of respondents prefer a ‘work with me’ structure, with regular interaction with equipment suppliers to provide them with support services. This is in comparison to those who prefer to completely outsource support (12%) and those preferring to...