No, Fo Bare Hands!!

No!.. for Bare Hands

    As nurses we are dealing with different types of patients and experiencing various feelings. In the following lines, I am going to talk about one of my reflections in first clinical rotation of the second semester in Bausher Renal Dialysis Unit (RDU).

      In Bausher RDU, one day during my posting, I was observing all staff were busy connecting   their patients to the dialysis machines. I was observing one staff nurse using aseptic technique in needling the patient, she did not get the blood flow in the line. She called her colleague to assess her in getting the flow. The other staff came and manipulated the needle without wearing sterile gloves. I stopped her and asked her to change the needle and put sterile gloves but she argued that she performed hand hygiene before touching the line. Then she connected the machine and put it on. After that I told her that she should not touch any sterile field with her bare hands even she preformed hand hygiene because she would break the sterility of the procedure. Also, needling is an aseptic procedure and sterile gloves must be worn during it.   She was not convinced with my explanation. I offered her to go the infection control nurse (ICN) and   seek her opinion about what had happened. The ICN agreed with me that the staff should use sterile gloves when needling the patient even she came to help her colleague, in order to reduce the chance of getting IV line related infections. The staff was convinced and she assured me that she would not   repeat such practice again. The ICN decided to make an education session on aseptic technique and safe needling for all staff   in the unit.

    That incident is one of my unforgettable events during my clinical rotations. I felt so bad to see what the staff had done and I was surprised that she did not think about the patient's risk of getting blood stream infection from her un safe practice. I was thinking how she can do...