The Dissection

The Dissection...
Hiking along the path right from the creaky wooden benches of the Lecture Theatre to the dark indoors of the Dept of Anatomy, we reached the Dissection Hall after three lengthy sleep inducing lectures that tested our patience on the very first day right after sessionals. We were to start Abdomen that day and as per my friend Pragya’s say I’d given the initial few pages of the dissection manual, a read.
It’d been three months and by now we’d grown quite friendly on table with a few table parties and lots of Truth and Dare and Dumb Shards when extreme dissection started to piss us off. We celebrated our birth days and our success in any test or PCT together, partying out hard at CP. Also we grew quite familiar with our female cadaver ‘Mayawati’ who probably heard almost everything we discussed in secret. Altogether our table including me had 3 guys and 7 girls with surprisingly all genius minds. If there was a PCT, a scholarship programme, a seminar or any academic enterprise, one of the toppers had to be from table 6.
I remember the first few days of dissection.
‘HERE THE DEAD ENLIGHTENS THE LIVING’ said a rusty yellow iron board outside DH at its entrance. Facing a dead human body right in front of you was always a haunt. Before joining Med College, dissection was one of my worst fears as I’d seen Munna Bhai faint out of frenzy on holding the scalpel in his hand like a pen. The first day when we were allotted our table and lockers, the bodies had their shrouds on. We were gradually mentally prepared for the big task ahead-that of dissection of course. The other day I almost had a goose’s skin when the shrouds were jerked off the bodies to reveal what it carried inside-a dead fat human female in her mid fifties with all four limbs intact, undissected and fresh.
As months would roll by, she would gradually impart to us what the anatomies of the human body were and eventually get dismantled limb after limb, organ after organ. The memory I...