Sir Isaac Newton Facts: Biography
Birth: 25 December 1642 (4th of January 1643, as per the Gregorian calendar)
Birth Place: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, a small village in the county of Lincolnshire, England
Religious Inclination: Newton was a devout Christian, but he supported Arianism in his later years.
Fields: mathematics, physics, astronomy, theology, alchemy, natural philosophy
Schooling and College years:
    • At the age of 12, Newton attended The King’s School in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1654.
    • He joined the prestigious Trinity College, Cambridge in June 1661 (as a sizar - a student who received free lodging and food - a scholarship).
    • He obtained his bachelor’s degree in August 1665.
    • On October 2, 1667, Newton was nominated minor fellow of the Trinity College.
    • Newton was appointed Major Fellow of the Trinity College on March 16, 1668 and was granted Masters Degree on July 7, 1668.

Achievements and Honors

Key Achievements: Calculus, theory of universal gravitation, Newtonian mechanics, visible spectrum of light
[pic]Notable Honors:
    • Newton became Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in October 1669.
    • He was appointed as the Fellow of the Royal Society of London on January 11, 1672.
    • On February 3, 1700 Newton accepted the Master of the Mint position and...
    • On November 30, 1703, he accepted the chair of the President of Royal Society.
    • He was knighted on April 16, 1705 by Queen Anne in Cambridge, which earned him the title ‘Sir’. He was honored knighthood not for his scientific achievements, but for his dedicated service for the Mint and for his political activities.
Death: 20 March 1727 (31st of March, 1727, as per the Gregorian calendar)
(image, above right: Sir Isaac Newron Portrait by Godfrey Kneller, courtesy: wikipedia)

Notable Achievements of Sir Isaac Newton

Here are some key achievements and interesting facts about Sir Isaac Newton:
[pic]1. During his college years, Isaac...