News Articale: John Book

Yesterday   at   around   midday   an   Amish   horse   and   cart   was   stopped   by   a   bunch   of   rowdy   men   looking   to   course   trouble   for   the   Amish   people   passing   by.   After   trying   to   start   a   fight   and   harassing   one   of   the   Amish   men   John   Book   an   off   duty   detective   was   then   harassed   as   he   was   with   the   Amish   men   when   the   incident   occurred.   Book   not   tolerating   any   more   after   ice   cream   was   put   on   his   face   stepped   out   of   the   car-age   and   assaulted   the   three   men.

Now   without   justifying   what   Book   has   done,   it   should   be   said   that   these   men   got   what   they   deserved.   They   are   simply   prejudice   towards   the   Amish   and   were   out   to   course   trouble   with   them   simply   because   of   their   differences   and   choice   of   life   style.

We   all   live   a   little   differently,   so   who   will   be   harassed   for   it   next?   What   has   come   over   a   community   when   it   starts   to   pick   at   its   self   and   doesn't   not   appreciate   or   accept   differences.  

Violence   is   not   the   way   to   solve   any   of   this   matters   but   something   must   be   done   in   this   small   community   before   we   get   more   problems.   Tolerance   is   something   that   can   not   be   bought   but   simply   learnt   and   is   something   everyone   needs   to   learn.   Anyone   who   doesn't   will   end   up   just   the   same   as   the   tree   rowdy   men   that   ran   into   John   yesterday.   This   is   not   a   threat   only   a   warning   that   this   community   must   get   its   act   together   and   learn   to   live   as   a   community   and   as   a   whole.