A Legal Scenario

Appendix 2 - Individual Benchmark Assignment – Due Week 4

Preparing for the Worst: A Legal Scenario
In the course of a week several things can go wrong in a school.   Most of the issues that arise are very easy to solve.   However, on occasion, there is one that can be very complicated and require a lot of knowledge and resources to solve it.   The scenario given is one of those complicated issues that the leadership must solve in a thorough but timely manner.

Directions to leadership candidates:
  1. Read “A Legal Scenario.”
  2. Share the scenario with an administrator in your building.   Ask the administrator what he or she would have done in this situation.
  3. Using your text, instructor presentations, policies, case reviews from http://www.nsba.org/site/index.asp click on “School Law,” and notes taken from your interview with an administrator; write a position paper.
  4. Your position paper should include (a) the position you would take in this situation with sound rationale, (b) a detailed outline of what steps you would take to resolve the situation, (c) why you decided these steps would be the best course of action, (d) what suggestions would you make to minimize the school’s potential liability in this matter, and (e) what would you, as the administrator in charge, need to put into place to minimize such liability situations in the future.
  5. The length of your paper should be 5 to 7 pages and follow the APA writing style.

A Legal Scenario
At nine in the morning the nurse had a student enter her office.   She was very pale and staggering as she walked toward the nurse’s desk.   Before the nurse could ask her what was wrong, the student collapsed and fell to the floor.   The nurse checked the student’s pulse, made sure her air passage was clear, and called for an ambulance.   After calling for the ambulance, the nurse called the principal’s office.   As soon as she hung up the phone another student staggered into her office.   He complained...