Computer Network

Campus WAN Network Project

Project Overview
The University (UCM) network infrastructure was completed in …. The GIS department were connected to the ICT centre using fibre optic technology as backbone. GIS network is connected to Human resourse and BR staff offices using fiber optic but BR staff offices fiber is not currently working. BR staff offices are currently connected to Human Resourses using cat 5e UTP cable.  

Wireless access point hotspots were installed in some of these buildings. The WAN (Wide Area Network) link was also upgraded from a leased line setup to VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). Two new servers were acquired and configured as the Web Server, Mail Server and Accounting application Server.
The Network Project will comprise of the following:
1). Extend and re-route the network the following departments:
  1 Health Centre, Medical Research Centre
  2 clinic,
In addition there will be a Community WiFi to provide wireless access to the campuses and areas around them. The ICT department will be connected to Health Centre using a radio link. In addition, wireless access points will be provided in the following departments: Library, Economics, IT, FHS, Rectory , Medical research and medical Centre
2). Manage and optimize the current bandwidth by implementing VLANs, installing bandwith management and monitor shaper and installing and implementing Cisco LAN Management Solution .
3). Replace all hubs and unmanageable switches.
4). Two smart classrooms equipped with audio visual equipment and electronic whiteboards were also created.

Distance Education and Dept of IT

Have 2950 with two single mode fibre which will installed as backbone switch to Dept of Economics.
4   48ports cisco 2960 switches without fibre
Cable management on all cabinets

Dept of Economics
Have 2950 with two single mode fibre which will installed as backbone switch from Distance Education and Dept of IT to Main Campus