Nature of Man

Man is a chalkboard. When he first enters this world, he has a blank slate. As time progresses, that slate slowly becomes more full, eventually leading to a point where the writing on his board is absorbed into him and defines who he is as an individual. Man does not have a simple nature; instead, he is influenced by the world around him and projects that through his actions.
This is true of everyone in the world. Each person’s actions reflect how he has been nurtured from a young age. Despite this, man is still separated into certain categories such as good and bad. Those that end up as good by society’s standards are the ones who were cherished thoroughly as children. They behave in a way that helps not only them but also the world around them. They represent man’s best side, one with positive emotions, relationships, selflessness, and thoughtful minds. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum are those that are drawn to the evils of the world and are considered to be evil. Generally, these individuals were not shown a sufficient amount of love and compassion as children, and were often neglected or abused. Because of this mistreatment, they grew up wanting revenge and believing that it is acceptable to treat people the way that they, themselves, were handled. However, they take the issue one step further and let out their anger on those around them, most frequently on innocent individuals that have not done anything. They end up as the complete opposite of the decent people of society, living life as an animal with no emotions other than revenge. There are also some groups of people who are hovering in the middle of the scale, not completely good and not completely bad. They possess qualities of both extremes, reflecting the complexions of most humans. Humanity is made up of these groups; where a person falls depends on the nurture that they had.
Humans are not born as good or bad. They become those titles due to the kindness they had during childhood, or...