Nature and Naturalism

Mrs. Sigala
Ap English Language and Composition

                                                                                                                                                          An Episode of War l

Naturalism became a movement true novelist at the end of nineteenth century and during the twentieth century. Naturalism views people as a hapless victim and immutable for natural laws. Naturalism begun in United States in 18900’s   and example will be the great depression. In the story An Episode of War it gives examples of nature and naturalism. And how naturalism and nature are combine in the story.
Naturalism for mankind those not have a god. And see has universe as a purpose less like   a machine which make humans see has there are just machines. In the story soldiers that are at war act this sateen way just kill to kill. A man is set on naturalism as only an animal a product of evolution. That has no free well and can’t control thought and emotion because is control by nature. Many soldiers suffer on injuries that could not be stop .Deaths of many soldiers came to a point where happen by not having control naturalism also got ordinary lives and determined people’s fate. serpent
In nature the way that man are seen like they are selfish cruel and don’t have emotions at all. Nature makes man get to a point where they just look for themselves if they want to live. The purpose nature that is use in the story is on how the duty that they are fitting for something that is not wrote millions lives. Soldiers in the story
Naturalism and Nature are combined in the story. Nature came out in the story were Soldiers are at war where   they are seat in a environment where they need to kill to survive. Naturalism also come out in whish solider are set as machines that just kill for a reason that is not justified. Men prove that nature is right they are selfish and cruel and at difficult times were their lives are at danger they just think for them...