Dr. Koenig wanted to be a veterinarian when she was little. Unfortunately, she had a weak stomach and   decided that it was simply a career she did not think she could handle. However, Erika‚Äôs strong desire to spend her life helping animals had   forced her to overcome the fears a veterinarian deals with day to day and pursue a career in veterinary medicine. After making homes in California, Washington, and even Germany, she decided to settle into the Kingman community in 2002. Upon graduation from Washington State University-College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Erika Koenig   passed her National and State Board Exams and became a Certified Veterinary Technician. This inspired her to continue working her way up the ladder, go back to college and begin managing the practice she loves. She began working at Kingman Animal Hospital and at the time had the good fortune to be mentored by Dr. Burrows. It was then that she discovered she really enjoyed orthopedic surgery. In 2007, she partnered up with   her friend, Ruby Duey and bought Kingman Animal Hospital from Dr. Burrows. Together as a team, they run a successful AAHA Accredited hospital with 17 or more employees. As a Hospital Administrator and a Certified Veterinary Technician Dr. Koenig   gets to learn something new everyday including a great deal about veterinary medicine, client education and management.   It is a challenging career that she wouldn't trade the world for. She is interested in small animals, exotic and emergency medicine as well as soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. When not in the work environment Erika is interested in   spending her time traveling, hanging out with friends and riding roller coasters. She active in community events and taking care of those families members, including two shih-tzus, a cat, and a blue and gold macaw, along with several other "extended family" animals spread throughout the town that make her family complete. After all, isn't that what makes a family a family?