Many people notice me as soon as I walk by. All the guys will look, whistle, and wish i was with them. All the Girls hate me. Why ? Most probably out Jealousy or envy.They all want to live in a chic avenue as i do or pick all the latest hand bags and have all kind of shoes. I seem like a confident, rich, classy brat, but in reality thats not who i am but rather who i want to be.But who am i ? Im probably one of the worst people you can know. Im the kind of girl your parents warned you about when you were back in high school. Let me , tell you my story. My name is Nermine, yes i know its weird and no i am not French.I have lived here , in Paris , since the age of 18. I came here for studies, i had no money to pay my uni and my rent, i was desperate and my parents barely gave me any money to eat. I needed a job, a job that granted easy money. All those girls who wanted to be me, i was ready to give absolutely any thing to be like them, and to correct   the mistake i did.
As all juicy stories, It ass started in University. My friends and i all attended the American University of Paris, where we all studied, played, and slept-sometimes with each other.We all lived in huge apartments with our own bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. We had unlimited access to money,booze, drugs and whatever else we wanted.We wore glamorous clothes   and we knew how to party. Speaking for myself , I had inherited classic good grades. So yeah, my life seemed perfect doesn't it? Well, it wasn't.
All this started one evening ; I was tired, depressed,sad and in need of money. I had just finished my midterm exam, and in the hall way I met these girls that had it all. The beauty , the money, the clothes, the shoes… UGH. I was so jealous. They saw me starring at them and started to walk towards me. At first I thought they were going to tease me, hopefully they ended up asking me to hangout with them. Ofcorse, I said yes with no hesitation.I was a new student there, I had no friends and no...