Issues for Study of Napoleon

Cult of the personality

Study of Nap is particularly problematic because of his popularity

Issue of the media and Nap

The issue of the Great Man view of history – can it be removed from the Case Study where we focus on Napoleon as an individual?

The Napoleonic myth

He was very active in constructing his own version of himself, his own legacy

“all things for all people” – contradictory career therefore seen as model for left and right

post 20thc always seen in light of other dictators

Rivalry between French and English

Also particularly problematic for French historians

Pol & Admin - he took credit for other people’s work

Tyrant or reformer? – creates binary opposite traditional in Western thought
- POMO deconstructs by questioning that the dichotomy exists at all – why can’t he be both?

Napoleon Source Summary

Historian: Markham, J David

Title of publication: ‘Napoleon for Dummies’

Publishing Info: Wiley Publishing; USA; 2005

Historians’ Context (brief bio):

J. David Markham is an internationally acclaimed historian, Napoleonic scholar, and award-winning author. For over twenty years he has written and lectured about Napoleon and other historical topics. His other interests include Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar/Ancient Rome, and the French Revolution. He lives in Olympia, Washington, USA. Markham has taught history and other subjects at the university, college, and high school levels, and has received numerous teaching awards and recognitions.

Since 1996, Markham has served as Executive Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief of the International Napoleonic Society. In that capacity, he has produced a series of International Napoleonic Congresses in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and edited two editions of the journal, Napoleonic Scholarship.

Markham served as President of the Napoleonic Alliance from 2004-2007, and as Executive Vice-President...