Napoleon Paper
Napoleon was a hero of his time and accomplished success at a time where no other man could.   Although the time was vulnerable for a dictator, Napoleon made history by taking complete control and turning France from chaos to peace in an astonishing short period of time.   Napoleon was a dictator that never stopped dictating.   He was unique in his ruling and instituted everlasting reforms on France.
Napoleon first came to ruling as a part of a three-man Consulate that he eventually took the chair of at their first meeting.   He eventually made this his throne for 15 years and began to issue orders constantly and fluently.   He was a vicious ruler who had people that misinterpreted his instructions deposed.  
Napoleon’s power was visible through the 3 years it took him to untangled affairs that the convention or directory couldn’t resolve.   He started with defeated Austria in 1800 then making peace with Britain in 1802.   He quickly found common ground with the Church, making Catholicism the religion of the Frenchmen.   He brought back together the split nation with flawless organization and sheer power.  
Napoleon had many methods of his ruling.   One of these was his anger against injustice and insult.   His ministers would feel pushed around and demeaned by his power.   Another technique he used was repression by the army.   They would burn villages, torture people, and imprison opponents.   Napoleon liked the police so much that he set up many separate units around France.   His last form of government was his say in public opinion.   He became close with the people but even closer with the newspapers, theatres, and literature.   He sometimes wrote articles himself and published them anonymously that praised himself.   He had a complete grip on his people to the point where he banned journalists, actors, and even priests for praising his victories.
When he became the ruler for the French he became its arbiter.   Napoleon rewrote the constitution to his...