Naked Foots

Why is it, that shoes are deemed necessary in today’s society? Do people really find it offensive when they see someone walking around barefoot? In 1997, a number of “barefooters” got together and wrote to 48 states, inquiring about the laws on footwear in public places such as schools, restaurants, libraries, etc. All states replied, saying that there are no such regulations forbidding bare footedness in public on a state basis. I feel very strongly opposed to putting shoes on in order to travel to public places not only because I prefer not to wear them, but also because I believe it is wrong to discriminate against folks who prefer a barefooted lifestyle.
In my personal experience, I find it far more enjoyable to walk around barefoot, rather than with shoes on. Some people might think that it is painful or dangerous to walk around barefoot. Sure, you might scratch your foot every once in a while (and maybe even have to use a band-aid), but it is not nearly as serious of a risk as most people think. When I wear shoes, I feel like I am missing out on such wonderful feelings. Everyone uses all of their senses every day, but why limit your sense of touch? I don’t see anyone walking around with an eye patch on to impair their vision or wearing earmuffs so that they cannot hear clearly. Shoes have essentially the same effect as these; they limit the senses. I feel just like Myranya Werlemann states in her Barefoot Rights essay, “Feeling the ground beneath me, no matter if it's smooth or rough, wet or dry, cold or warm, is a very important part of my life.” I, too, find it necessary to experience these wonderful feelings on my feet. Shoes act as a barrier between me and the world I am standing on, so I prefer to be shoeless so that I can experience a sort of oneness with the earth.
It is not right to discriminate against people just because they are not wearing shoes. Many restaurants have a ‘No Shoes, No service’ rule, but these illogical regulations should be...