Mythological Personalities

Personality process is a theme of personal development and is an element found in psychology text and classic theories.   In order to live a good happy and effective life one must know thyself including one’s unconscious and also have relationships.   Idealism, powerful urges and competing goals and part of our daily lives, which we must balance with pragmatism, day-to-day experience.
Odyessus and Achilles are two great mythological examples of how to live an efficient life. The Iliad is the story of Achilles who left home to pursue success, honour and identity. His goals were too idealistic which prevented him from living a full life. He did things out of extremes which hurt his pragmatic self-interest.   On the other hand Odysseus managed to live his life by balancing idealism with pragmatism and paying attention to relationships. Therefore one must be in touch with reality on the ground, and not get too idealistic about any one ideal. We must balance all the elements of the self in the right proportions.
Daedalus the father Icarus advised him to “Fly the middle course”   and “don’t fly too close to the ground so that your wings will get wet.” Daedalus was aware of the fact that his son Icarus whom was a youth can not only get lost in uncertainty, passion, and self-absorbed heroism but became attracted to idealism. Therefore we must not get to attracted to principles to keep ourselves on course, but also be flexible and realistic as well.
Socrates believed that human passes an eternal soul that contained all perfect knowledge, which obscured by birth into an imperfect world. He also stated that good acts and executed because it makes us happy not because God said to. Socrates said that “The unexamined life is not worth living”. He felt that if one us unable to examine life, you would not really be living. Lving to Socrates meant being able to question the world around him and that examining life gives one freedom. Once a person examines him/herself and...