Literary Scrapbook Personal Journey Through English Literature


My Literary Scrapbook: A Personal Journey through English Literature

      Introduction for Literary Scrapbook
      I am excited to have the opportunity of analyzing the different literary works that are offered throughout this course. Studying the different eras of English Literature from, the Medieval through the Modern periods, will introduce me to a range of new aspects. Not only the English language, but English culture as well. I believe that this course will improve my grammar and spelling; helping me have a better understanding of different cultures.
      My goal for taking this English Literature course is to gain a better understanding of literature; creating a personal enrichment. I want to learn how to think analytically about what I am reading; by expanding my way of thinking.   I hope to identify my personal connections to literature by creating a scrapbook on the literary information within the courses readings.
      The study of English literature is important, because it enhances reading and writing; as well as personal and professional skills of an individual. It is part of cultural history of a specific time. Like history one can learn from English literature; looking at the world from a different perspective and not making the same mistakes.
      Studying English literature introduces an opportunity to practice important written and communication skills. Thus creating a better understanding of complex ideas, theories, and how to research. All of these skills are essential in today‚Äôs job market.
      Overall, even though English Literature is a non-vocation degree, it provides all-round skills that can be applied to different careers rather that training for a specific job. I do not have any real fears going into this course. English literature seems a little intimidating, but I am eager to start this course....