My Working Day

In this assignment I shall describe   my working day.

I arrived at work and at handover was given a brief as to how the Service Users had been during the night. After the briefing I then proceeded to check the handover sheet to see which Service User I would be working with today. My day started of with personal care of the Service User using there personal equipment to complete the task   and maintaining their dignity at all times. Once their personal care was complete it was time for breakfast where I took my Service user to the kitchen so they could make there choice of what food they would like and to support them if the need any help. After breakfast it was now time to wash and dry the pots with staff support. A group activity is planned today and after checking the activity planner to see if there are any risk assessments applicable to the walk around Normanby Hall, an enjoyable time was had by all. Any medication that was booked out was now booked back in, and the the Service Users planner had been evaluated and documented if there had been any issues or if the activity has gone as planned, this would also be documented in there care plan in part 4.3 (leisure activity). Once returned I worked with my service user in the kitchen and assisted them making their lunch and once lunch was finished support the service user on completing the washing up and drying of the pots. During the afternoon my service user requested going out for tea to weatherspoons I replied that I would check it out with the manager, who agreed that it would not be a problem. At weatherspoons my service user made her own choices of what to eat and drink from the menu. On return I would complete her daily log and her care plan and informed the next shift how the day had gone through my shift supervisor.