How to Solve Day to Day Life Problem

How to Solve My Day To Day Life Problem with Stress

Barbara Wise
GEN 200
Brenda Torres

The problem I have in my day to day life that I would like to solve would be stress. With my job and family, every day I am under so much stress. I have so many different things going on at one time like projects; make readies, and assignments going on throughout the day. I just need more time through the day so I can have time for myself. It never seems possible with the twenty different owners I have to visit or take calls from daily. All the owners have to know every minute of tasks that are going on through the day. I don’t understand why they just couldn’t call me once a week or see me once a week.   To top that I have so many tenant’s that feel like I’m their counselor, mother, and their physiatrist. The tenant’s come to me with their personal problems. Where does the line draw between me being their landlord and their friend? I’m always there for my tenant’s, I have tried to draw the line with them on their personal matters, but they don’t seem to get it. Then I have employees that have a lot of issues, they don’t want to work. I have fired so many people and hired new ones, but there always seems to be a problem with whoever I hire. It’s like no one has morals any more, everybody wants a free ride. When does this madness stop?

I know how to manage my time and get all my projects and assignments done in a timely manner. I just don’t have enough time to babysit my employees or residents. When it comes to my personal life and time I just don’t have any free time and if I do I’m so tired and stressed out from the day’s work. Dealing with the owners at all hours of the day even when I am at home. The same goes for tenants and employees. They feel like its ok to call me for anything at any time. I try and set boundaries, but they don’ seem to work. So I’m going to have to take a better look at my life and see if it’s worth me staying in this...