My Ps3: a Gaming Console

ENGL 111 ASSIGNMENT #2: Descriptive Essay

MacEwan School of Business

Instructor: Heather MacLeod

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Option #3
My PlayStation 3: A Gaming Console
As the name suggests, the world renowned company Sony Electronics released its first gaming console in 1994 which marked a new era in the history of console gaming. Its first released series included PlayStation 1, and there after PlayStation 2, 3 and 4. The company has impressed us by the rapid changes it has made in its transition from analog to digital technology. One of the first Japanese companies to go global, Sony is today a famous and well renounced name around the world. Sony Corporation is the world’s largest consumer electronics makers and providers and one of its booming product amongst all age group people is PlayStation gaming console.   It is the best way to entertain yourself and also it increases a skill which constitutes presence of mind. For me, my PlayStation is everything to me and is the greatest entertainment in the world. Some people like to party, go camping, which is for sure, is not very cool but for me having a gaming partner for First person shooter or Arcade games is just awesome. I can play video games all day and never get tired. I can watch movies, store music etc. It is a perfect way of entertainment. I know gaming consoles are not very cheap but for me every penny spent for buying the console are all worth. Gaming console consist of joy sticks, RAC jack, AV jack and it requires a High definition video screen for its high end graphic games. One of the products which Sony electronics gave us is the portable version of gaming console known as PlayStation Portable, so as to...