My New Begining

Paralegal: My New Beginning in Life
Anthony Williams
Everest University

Paralegal: My New Beginning in Life
The Legal system has always been a part of my life. Being young and black, in the south and living in the “hood”, the legal system was common to all households as was spaghetti and catfish on Fridays. My inner city view of “the system” as we called it, was warped by the cries of the so called innocent that I came in contact with. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I was fortunate enough to see the real inner workings of the system I had for so long shunned. This was my first moment of intrigue with law or anything legal for that matter. Years would pass before my calling to the paralegal profession would be heard. My decision to enter the paralegal field was due to circumstances surrounding my late great uncle, Doug. An army veteran of the Korean War, he was severely injured during the Korean War yet was not receiving the proper benefits for his injuries. The overdrawn battle with the Veterans Administration, to have his benefits enhanced was my deciding factor. It was now time for me to try to change these injustices against our American veterans. Becoming a paralegal would be my way to give back to my fellow veterans.
In researching the profession of a paralegal, I discovered it involved a multitude of responsibility, strict adherence to ethical rules and required a high level of dedication. Described, as the grunt work of law, it’s the job of the paralegal to do the majority of the behind the scenes work. (, 2010) This includes preparing for trials, legal hearings, client meetings and closings. They research and evaluate the facts of a legal case, verifying if evidence and relative information can be considered in a court of law. (, 2010) A paralegal can assume more responsibility by specializing in specific areas such as criminal law, family law, litigation, personal injury, real estate and military benefits, to...