My Long Lost Sister

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Oliana Koutroff

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September 13th, 2010

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Narrative Essay: My Long Lost Sister

      Any situation is a learning experience. I am the youngest out of three girls; both of my sisters are much older than I am. Even though I am still the baby of the family, I have grown a lot through the past years. As young girls, my mother was so proud and happy to have three beautiful daughters; little did she know that life would cut one of us short. This misfortune made me realize not to concentrate on the bad moments in life, but to focus on what I have and what makes me happy.

Antigua- June 3rd, 2002:

It was hot and humid outside, and it was the last day of school.   Island Academy was in the middle of nowhere, about twenty five minutes away from down town; most of the students, including myself, took the bus to go home. On that particular day I did not feel well, and knowing that we would all be crammed up in the bus, I was already dreading the ride home.

      My mom would pick me up at the main shopping center, which happened to be down the street from our house. Getting in the car my mom could tell I wasn’t my bubbly self. She asked, “Ca va pas ma Cherie?” meaning, “Is everything all right Honey?” in French. Born and raised in

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France, my first spoken language was French; my mom and I will speak to each other in French most of the time, which throws people off. As I leaned my head on her shoulder, I answered, “Non, ca va pas.” meaning, “No, I’m not all right.” She nodded, started the car, and we were on our way home.

      My foot not even all the way through the door, I heard the home phone going off. I ran, picked up the phone, and my dad’s voice said “Hello” on the other line. First thing that came to my mind was, “Why does he sound so sad?” My dad never sounded ecstatic on the phone, but this time I could hear sadness in his voice. I was twelve at the time, and when my dad asked for my mom...