My Ethical Believes

My ethical believes

“ Don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t kill…” all of those commands are found not only in Christianity but also in many other religions. But by looking at some of those, one should carefully think about their meaning and consequences, before saying that they are strict against it. From childhood on , kids as well as teenagers get to hear that all those things like cheating, stealing, having an a§bortion, drinking alcohol and killing are bad things but shouldn’t everybody be allowed to choose their ethical believes for themselves? My ethical believes are mostly based on utilitarianism, which basically says that actions are judged right or wrong only by the following consequences and one should always believe in what makes himself or herself happy, in addition the happiness of people should be equal and therefore one should also always think about the consequences for other.
For example lying in most religions is seen as bad and awry. But I highly believe, not always and only in certain situations, that sometimes cheating can help you out of emergency situations that other or yourself mistakenly put you in. Often lying is easier, then telling the truth and therefore a lot of people do it, which proves the theory of utilitarianism, making humanity happy.
Other than that I believe that killing is unacceptable due to the fact that it actually never makes people satisfied and therefore it doesn’t corresponds to my ethical believes of utilitarianism. The killing of living organisms, though, can be seen differently. For example animals and plants that harm the human beings should be allowed to dispatched.   Another very controversial issue in the world’s society of today is abortion. To believe that abortions are absolutely wrong, in my eyes seems totally unacceptable. In order to make the life for both, the man and the women, easier, sometimes abortion is the only way to help them out of a difficult situation like an unwanted pregnancy.
In fact my...