My Dog, Charlie

Charlie my dog was the greatest and most treasured gift offered to me in my childhood years. The happiness and joy I felt upon his arrival was a moment that matched no other, from where I can still visualise him leaping out of the box and into my welcoming arms. I remember the small puppy with bulging eyes and upright ears who stared at and heard me for the first time, tail wagging as a sign of gratitude for receiving him. Charlie was a pet so energetic and lively in nature as an infant and after so many years as a close and faithful companion still served to inspire me in my life goals.
All was well in my relationship with Charlie as he worked to brighten the world around me and as I likewise did for him. He would never leave my side without me telling so and was snever separated from me ever since our beginning terms together. Every member of our family loved Charlie as dearly as I did and essentially completed us by being an important part of our group and being a symbol of hope and joy, without whom we'd be incomplete in every way. He always sat quietly and obediently in his basket whilst I was occupied with homework and other home activities, and attempted his best in assisting mum and dad around the house. Then one evening he disappeared seemingly without a trace. I searched for my best pal in every place possible but he did not reveal himself where I'd expected him to. Charlies's sudden disappearance delivered a shock to those who knew him upon receiving the news. Mum, dad, the locals as well as my friends from school attempted to assist our desperate search for the dog within the town community, but without luck. Posters were put up across every street and board at the town centre in the hope that Charlie would be found and brought back home to where he belonged in return for a good sum of money.
Month after month dragged on with time and despite our efforts, Charlie was still no closer to coming within our reach. Over a year and everyone's hope for...