My Desire to Pursue Mba


The objective of this paper is to provide you with a clearer understanding as to why I have decided to pursue an MBA degree after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting two years ago. You will read on some key motivating factors with regards to personal goal, gaining knowledge, career advancement, and rare opportunity to gaining heightened insight into other lifestyles, and most of all to broaden my exposure to the intricacies of decision-making in the business world. This paper will also provide you with information on some other factors that one must consider especially, timing and return on investment when pursuing this multi-worthy degree.

“My Decision to Pursue an MBA to Further My Career”

In life, I have always tried to maintain a personal credo of “go farther” and let nothing stop me in finding an innovative way to accomplish my goal, and also to realize my full potential in every aspect of my professional career. With this, it gives me the mind that no achievement is greater than self improvement. I have always tried to maintain this personal objective over the years.

Obtaining the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has many benefits and I believe this is the perfect time for me to start this worthy degree program at the University of Phoenix (Charlotte). Having said this, gaining knowledge has been a continue process for me since I started my education journey. When I graduated from high school and started part time work, I started preparation for undergraduate courses at the University of Liberia. Even after completion of undergraduate degree at Strayer University, I have participated in many religious and educational programs in my community.   The next most logical step in my career I feel now is starting an MBA program.

Looking at current economic and job market in the world, having only an undergraduate degree, I feel is not enough to put me at the level I personally desire in life. This worthy...