Pursuing Mba


Pursuing an MBA
Danae Lindsey
MGT 521
University of Phoenix

Pursuing an MBA
There reasons to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) such   accomplishing a personal goal, improve career advancement opportunities, and business knowledge (expertise).   The completion of an MBA is imperative for professional and personal growth. Obtaining an MBA is a significant achievement in today’s work environment.   The MBA degree can provide promising career opportunities and wonder rewards. According to Patterson (2007) “An MBA, or Master’s in Business Administration, can be a great way to move up in a company, change careers or earn a more lucrative salary.”
The goals of obtaining an MBA are to accomplish a personal short-term goal, improvement of career advancement opportunities, and increase business knowledge. After completion of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree it has been a short term goal to earn a Master’s degree. The completion of the MBA program will grant a feeling of self gratification. It has been a passionate aspiration to complete this educational short-term goal.   The program requires hard work, dedication, and commitment to be successful. It will prove the devotion and perseverance of an individual to accomplish a personal goal.   An MBA will enrich the personal development of an individual. The achievement of an MBA will enhance self confidence. The learned knowledge will assist with making confident professional business decisions. Earning a Master’s degree is a life enhancing personal experience. It defines a new meaning on personal and professional relationships with colleagues and MBA cohort. Building last personal relationships with MBA cohort members are important. Those relationships can be used as a networking opportunity. As a professional, in today’s business environment it is important have a networking skills. The MBA cohort can be exposure to important contacts. Sometimes it is not who you know, it is what you...