My Dear Friend

In “Song of the Buffalo Boy” by Sherry Garland, the author character’s Loi reminds me a lot of my aunt Fredrica. My aunt Fredrica was born in U.S a little before the civil rights movement. Most of her adulthood was spent during sergeration times.
  She was treated differently by everybody because of her skin color. In public, schools, her community, and etc. During the time she grew up, African-Americans had not received racial equality yet. During her entire childhood she wasn’t able to experience a diverse group of classmates and acquaintances. She had a very uniform group of friends. She shared stories with me about how white people treated her so differently just because of her skin color. She never understood why when she was going up, but it affected her a lot. It made a major impact on her. It brought her self-esteem and confidence down.
  My aunt Fredrica reminds a lot of Loi because my aunt went through discrimination just like Loi. Loi was treated differently by everyone because she was a con lai! My aunt Fredrica was treated poorly too just like Loi because she was a different color to what was set as the normal. Loi only had one true friend because she was never able to make new friends due to the fact she wasn’t “normal” like other people. Both my aunt Fredrica and Loi were labeled as different by everyone else because of something they didn’t get to decide. Loi was mix and aunt Fredrica was colored. They were treated and respected differently both by “imperfections” that they didn’t get to decide. Both my aunt Fredrica and Loi grew up most of their early life times segregated and judged. Both wished they were “normal” like everyone else.
have learned many interesting things as i'm researching my Guatemalan side of the family! Such as things like my aunt traveled on foot from Guatemala to the U.S, my grandparents not actually meeting until they were in the U.S,and my aunt crossed the border illegally!

Yes, I am enjoying this experience very...