My Career and How If Parallels and Nursing Code of Ethics

How My Nursing Practice Parallels the Code of Ethics                  

    Over 30 years ago I made a solemn pledge that my nursing practice would do
not harm to a   patient or give any harmful. My standard of practice would have
high standards,   be   ethically moral and dignified.   I would abstain from bad or
immoral behavior and not shame to the   nursing profession .   Patients would know
that all matters discussed with me would be held in confidence.   I pledged to  
devote myself to those in my care. I would assist   a physician and render
compassionate comforting care. Florence Nightingale Pledge (1983).
    I would say that my nursing practice has always been a pledge to patients and
has run parallel to the Code of   Ethics in Nursing.   I have provided compassionate
respectful care while protecting   and keeping   a patients   dignity and individuality.  
Regardless of my patients lifestyle I have endeavored to show respect patients
regardless of their social, economic status or nature of their   health problems.  
    Working as a public health nurse with substance exposed children, their parents
and families I provided nonjudgmental   and professional   care while advocating
for children.
    As a nursing intravenous supervisor I worked with patients with AIDS and
HIV patients their privacy, dignity and confidentiality was kept at all times.

      Currently working as a team leader I have been guided by The Code

Of Ethics and have ethical responsibilities to patients of various cultures

also working within a military environment.   Several obligations come

to mind while working with patients: working within the scope of my

practice and state license, working within the framework...