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André Abrantes
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Sarah Scott, Mrs.

Leadership is a gift. We could have natural leadership skills or we can even develop leadership skills but that doesn’t make us leaders.
After reading the book “Practice Greatness” by Reggie McNeal, I had a chance to observe and to think deeply about some important aspects of leadership discipline. To be honest, until I read the book, I never thought deeply or I never gave importance to certain disciplines. To other ones, I definitely experienced their importance when I was involved in ministry back in Paris, and I was able to confirm their importance while I was reading this book. The book initiates by presenting three self disciplines: self-awareness; self-management; and, self-development. I found that everything that has to do with the self becomes the hardest for me comparing with the other disciplines maybe because it is hard to admit it.
The discipline of Self-Awareness. On page 11, I read this quote “leaders who know themselves have gained their best ally – themselves”. It is definitely true, especially, because we normally become our worse enemy. Therefore, this discipline is one of the biggest battles we have, not just as leaders but as well as followers of Jesus Christ. Another quote that stood out to me was “For followers, credibility rides or falls on consistency – something leaders short on self-awareness usually do not have.” Consistency is an aspect that I certainly need to invest on. Since a young age, I always wonder about the consistency of certain leaders. Good leaders have awareness that followers are observing them and that they notice the lack of consistency more than we think.
The discipline of Self-Management. McNeal states that “Emotions just happen. They are neither good nor bad in themselves. It’s what we do with emotions that counts in terms of self-management.” As I grow to in getting know myself, I will be able to manage myself better. It always...