Muncipal Elections of Rochdale in 1921

The research our group undertook was in Rochdale in the year of 1921. The Municipal elections occurred in early November. The elections were dominated by the Conservative and Liberal party as they both shared the wards. Labour strangely did not win a single ward and in fact lost its only possession to the Liberal party in the ward of Wardleworth West. Even though at the time Labour was on a rise and many historians sense there was a decline in Liberalism at the time, it was not evident in this election. Within this piece of writing there are all of our group’s findings that were relevant to the 1921 election in Rochdale and some information of what was happening at the time in this area.
The first section describes how many were contested and uncontested in the 1921 Rochdale Municipal election. Within the 11 wards that took part in the Rochdale Municipal elections there were 6 Contested Seats, which were won between the Conservatives and Liberal parties. These contested seats occurred in the wards of, Castleton East, Castleton Moor, Castleton South, Spotland East, Wardleworth East and Wardleworth West. The Conservatives won contested Seats in Castleton East, Castleton Moor, Castleton South, and Spotland East. The Liberals won contested seats in Wardleworth East and West, the remaining five seats were Uncontested. The Conservative party were uncontested in the wards of Castleton North and Spotland East. The Liberal party were uncontested in the wards of Castleton West, Wardleworth South and Wuerdle. This shows that both the Conservative party and Liberal party had strongholds in wards, as five seats were uncontested and even when the seats were contested the Conservative and Liberal parties never stood against each other.
Within Rochdale there were only three parties that put up electoral Candidates in 1921.The parties that ran were the Conservative, Liberal and Labour parties.
The Conservatives put up 4 candidates in contested seats. The candidates were;