Multi Cultural Management

Who Goes to Saudi Arabia,Bill or Jane?

Q1:How Valid are the two positions taken by Robert & Janette?

Robert is VP of International Sales and it is a $35 million deal which is sort of high risk for gambling. Women rarely participate in business in Saudi Arabia and this is a fact BUT the only part I might stop at in his position is that Bill is less experienced than Jane. Jeannette is VP of Personnel recognising Jane’s international experience as superior to Bill’s BUT let's not forget that this experience was mainly in Europe which is totally a different environment than the conservative one of Saudi Arabia and Saudi businessmen are unlikely to be impressed because Jane is a woman although she thinks that making Jeanette represents the company is something outstanding.

Women are better at listening, gaining consensus, establishing a social, non-threatening context   …… another fact I agree with

Q2:List the Pros and Cons for Bill Going ;for Jane Going .

|Candidate                                 |Jane                                               |Bill                                     |
|Gender                                   |Female                                             |Male                                     |
|Role in CCC                               |International Business                             |Sales & Marketing                         |
|Tenure with CCC                           |6 years                                           |5 years                                   |
|Strengths                                 |Excellent reputation                               |Excellent reputation                     |
|                                         |Broad understanding of the product line           |Broad understanding of the product line   |
|                                         |Successfully negotiated two major sales in Norway |Successfully accompanied a senior         |