Much Ado About Nothing

‘Much Ado about Nothing’ Shakespeare Retold
  1. The setting- why does the new setting work? Consider the idea of status.
  2. The concept of noting- does it still exist? Note the incidence’s of ‘noting’.
  3. Flaws of individuals. Is this a timeless idea? Do characters possess the same flaws as in the original?
  4. Marriage customs- what has changes since the 16th century?
  5. Focus on the characters- in the original text, which couple was the focus and which were the sub plot? It is the same in the 21st century version? Explain why or why not
The new setting of ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ still works because in the studio where it is set, there is still an order of who is most important and has the power over everyone. For example, Leonard is the boss who everyone listens to as he is in charge of the team. Peter, the director, controls the crew members and how everything goes. The relationship of Peter and Leonard are still maintained as Peter is there to support Leonard when Hero is in hospital. Also Beatrice and Benedick are more experienced than Hero and Claude, indicating they’re older than Hero and Claude.
The concept of noting still exists as there were many incidences of ‘noting’ that occurred in the film. At the party, Beatrice purposely mistakes Benedick as Claudio and she mentions about his weight and his beard. Benedick notes this and ends up shaving off his beard and tries to exercise. Benedick also noted what he overheard in the newsroom about Beatrice’s feelings while Beatrice noted what she overheard in the toilets about Benedick’s feelings. Another incident was at the party and Don eavesdrop on Hero’s conversation when she says she slept with him out of pity and how Dogberry and his sidekick noted all the strange things that were happening and what they overheard. The crew at the studio also note that Beatrice and Benedick hate each other through work and this is how Peter’s plan to get them to get along for the show to be successful...