Throughout childhood children will have to deal with many different changes. Many of the changes are about growing up from been a child to becoming an adult or starting at a comprehensive school. Some other changes can be difficult for children, things like when parents separate or when someone close to them passes away. As a result of the more difficult changes, some children’s development can be affected. They can become tearful, afraid, sad, upset or angry and frustrated. We can prepare to a certain extent for some of the more common transitions which means we are able to support them better whilst the transition is happening and also after.
Some of the more common transitions are things like;
  * Change of family circumstances- parents may separate, siblings may be born, someone close might come ill or pass away, parents might lose their job and be at home more.
  * Changes in friendship- a friend might move away, a new friendship might start or a friendship may end.
  * Changes in childcare- new staff may come into the childcare setting, staff may leave, the child may be mobbing schools or classes.
  * Change in location-family might move to a different area or family may move home.
  * Changes in health and body- children may become ill or develop a medical condition that requires treatment, older children will go through puberty.
  * Daily transitions- as part of a routine- moving from one setting to another or going to a club or lesson.
  * Between carers- going between parents and practitioners, being with several practitioners.
Giving children support whilst they are dealing with transitions depends on a few different things like the age of the child, how difficult the change is and the suddenness off the change. It is important to be as honest as possible this way the child will learn to trust adults, it will be easier to help and support the child if you have got their trust. Children will need time to think about what the...