Level 2 Childcare Mu2.4

Within my setting all the members of staff have different responsibilities and job roles but they all have the responsibility to report any problems they find based on the health and safety of the workplace. At my setting there are three members of staff that we would have to report to if myself or someone else, including any children was to have an accident. Our health and safety officer is the manager of the nursery, if she was to find any health and safety risks or was to be told by another member about a risk they have seen then she would firstly have to take matter into her hands and take full responsibility to make sure these health and safety hazards are minimized so that nothing will become of harm towards the children and members of staff in my setting. Our manager, the health and safety officer would keep a record of any health and safety risks that had been bought up and if there was someone to visit the setting to do a health and safety check then our manager would have to report the health and safety risks to them and would have to show them the records. There are two main reasons why it is very important that all workplaces have a health and safety officer, firstly it allows the setting to know that there is someone who is to make sure all health and safety requirements are met to the best possible standards and that the setting is a safe and secure environment.