Mtv Casestudy Marketing

Environmental challenges MTV has faced in its effort to expand globally.

First of all the main challenges are the culture of the country as it is stated in the case study “MTV tried to export a standardized version of it, but teens around the world are mostly interested in events in their own regions.” Due to this, languages are major problem for them to understand the meaning which is delivered by MTV. In china, about 300 millions out of 1 billion population are English literate meaning other 700 million people don’t understand English. There is no point for the American to expand their company if they don’t get support from the country they expanding to.
Secondly, the explicit content of American MTV, the Asian’s culture is more conservative compare to culture of the western. For example jersey shore and teens mom.   Which shows sexual and violent content which is not appropriate for the minor to watch.

Next challenges that could be faced by MTV as a multinational company is hard to understand and expensive to enter. Money could be another factor faced by MTV. As a trademark company wherever they expanding the will follow the concept from the original place. So for example when they trying to expand to MTV Asia the need to bring to whole team of management to Asia in order to set up MTV in Asia. Training programs and materials are to be conduct and support by the Americans so this will be quite expensive to implement to other country.