Ms. Orbuch Article to a Better Relationship

I can relate to what this article talks about because its very simple and straight to the point. Ms. Orbuch

is basically saying to better your communication in a relationship that you want to last, just spend at

least 10 minutes a day in quality conversation with your spouse. That being said, in a relationship,

especially a romantic one, I believe that their should be spontaneity and in order to do so correctly you

should have these type of conversations to get to know your spouse in depth. You can't surprise your

spouse and keep things fresh and stimulating if you don't know where to start. I have only had a few

relationships in my life and in every relationship have always kept my significant other on their toes.

Being able to show your lover that you listen and care to make their day with the simplest of things

because you paid attention to your previous conversations and bookmarked them in order to revert back

and to. Simple things like, when I eat dinner I like using a small fork or I have an addiction to spicy

food. Also gifts can be anything from thoughtful to materialistic but with meaning.

Now in all honesty, I have always been bi-sexual so I have dealt with men and women in with

relationships. Women are generally more emotional and complicated, as to men they can be quite

simple and not in a bad way but again I am just being honest. Of course, intimacy in a relationship can

play a huge role. Woman are naturally more sensitive and have a better understanding of what intimacy

is, as for men, that just means sex is possibly more than physical. Now either way once two people

enter that part in their relationship things are bound to change. The intensity of the relationship has

multiplied because now that you have experienced being with that person physically nude and

intertwined, you realized that you want to get to know them more and would like to see them mentally

nude, so to speak....