Movie Crash


The movie “Crash” is about as intense a movie as you could have produced.   During this time after a very sensitive period in our world, the movie portrays a number of different stereotypes, interpersonal conflicts, and creates questions that are very prevalent in today’s society.   The character that I found most intriguing was the African American character who hitched a ride. One of the main characters in the movie was Officer John Ryan, played by Matt Dillon, of how he changed his behavior from the beginning to an end.   Ryan was a Caucasian officer for over 17 years. He shows a good example of racist towards to "black" people. The audience is captivated by his quotes, but also by his nonverbal communication which is illustrated throughout the film.
When we do not listen effectively to what others have to say, we leave ourselves and minds open to believe anything and often misinterpret the point of what others are really trying to make.   Also, we tend to assuming what another is trying to say without letting them actually finish saying what they want to say when they are trying to get their point across.   This can cause confusion within each other leading them to jump to conclusions.   In the movie “Crash”, not listening to others and communicating effectively can have serious consequences that cannot be reversed.
In the move “Crash” an African American guy was walking down the highway trying to hitch a ride.   Someone pulls over and asks him where he was going.   He says anywhere away from here.   The African American guy gets in the car; the driver of the car was a Caucasian police officer.     The passenger is also unaware that the driver is in fact a police officer.   As they are engaging in a conversation the African American mentions he likes the music that was playing in the car which was a country song.   The police officer laughs like he does not believe what the guy is saying.   The African American guy also sees an ornament on the dashboard and...