Motivating Employees

Motivating employees
Pamela Draughn
BEH 225
October 29, 2010
Heddora Wilburn

Motivating employees
Yes, I do feel that it is possible more a manager to motivate an employee. First and foremost there could be many reason to motivate an employee and there can be many methods to use to be successful in motivating and employee. Employees that are motivated are more to do their assignment than the next employee who has not been motivated. Company’s that are motivated helps the employees survive what’s ahead of them. When there is one employee that is motivated the workplace has a better opportunity of getting others to become just as motivated. Motivation is the mere idea to get the job done. At the workplace you have a very challenging task. The manager needs to be receptive of how to motivate and how to reward an employee. A manager should be aware of how to motivate an employee to get the job well done and a good and timely manner not just to get it done but we must have quality in our work as well as quantity. An in order for this to be done a manager must no his or her employee or get to know their needs’ and to give it thought that sensuality is very different. Research bellows the principles of Maslow’s first theory of motivation and Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory.
      Allen (1998) supports Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory… such motivators as “achievement, recognition, advancement, responsibility, the work itself, and growth possibilities”, which are intrinsic, provides satisfaction at the workplace (para. 10). Therefore, motivation is necessary for improvement in job performance that moves the employee to higher acting (Allen, 1998). “Dissatisfaction occurs when the following hygiene factors, extrinsic or job context, are not present on the job: pay, status, job security, working conditions, company policy, peer relations, and supervision” (Allen, 1998, para. 11). These factors do not generate motivation, but prevent it from happening. The feeling of...