Mother Dairy - Report


“Mother Dairy” is the single largest brand of milk in India as well as in Asia, marketing about 4.45 million litres of milk per day. They have a total share of 33% in the branded milk segment.
Mother Dairy was the first Dairy in the country to implement ISO-14031. The company is a highly trusted house hold name for its wide range of milk products like Milk, Flavoured milk, Ice-cream, Curd, Lassi, Table butter, Dairy whitener, Ghee.etc.
  * The firm has an established dairy market in the North and is planning to acquire the same in the South. They are expecting 10-15% of their business from South.
  *  As major portion comes from dairy business they are planning for market development
  * They are more concerned about market growth which will later give them huge profits
  * For increasing the brand visibility, they are planning to open up at least 10 outlets in each city. 
  * They are using Knowledge Based Synergy. As there is well established market in the North and West they are using it to attract the market share of the South as well. 
  * They aren't bothered about profits, selling at the price which is 36rs/litre cheaper than their competitors in order to attract customers.
To be country’s No.1 in manufacture and marketing of quality milk and milk products in terms of export, major market share, and socio economic upliftment of all the stakeholders /interested parties.
To protect and promote the interests of producers and consumers through manufacture and marketing of milk and milk products prepared as per latest technology which are healthy, tasty, nutritional, reasonably-priced and delivered consistently.

The company’s main objective is not to maximize profits. They are more interested in giving the best price for the farmers for their milk than in making a large profit. Thus, they look at the price given to their suppliers not as a cost but as...