Moral Bhavior in Animals

Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals
In this video Frans de Waal discusses his experience with animals and how they display human-like traits such as having values and morals. He talks about how two Bonobos had gotten into a physically fight but at the end they made up because they both knew they had possibly damage a relationship and they wanted to fix this relationship before it was too soon.  There are many situations like this that happen with humans, which goes to show these animals do have some kind of moral and feelings. Frans de Waal conducted many experiments to back up his claims about moral behavior in animals. He spoke on an experiment conducted where one chimpanzee received cucumbers as a treat and one received grapes a as treat, which was seen as a much more rewarding treat than cucumbers. When the monkey realized she was not allowed to get grapes she saw the unfairness and reacted with anger by throwing the cucumbers back at the scientist. This reaction is normal in humans as well when they become aware that have been treated unfairly. This is more proof that animals do have feelings such as humans. Lastly this video talked about how animals like humans do care for others. An experiment was done where a chimpanzee had the choice to choose between feeding himself only or himself and another chimpanzee. In the end he chose to help his partner and himself out, which shows animals, are able to show compassion and care like we humans do. This video was able to detail many instances where an animal could of reacted in a way where it made it seem like they did not have morals but this was not the case. In every instance the animals showed compassion and behavior that displayed loyalty and morality.
I thought the content discussed in this video was very interesting to learn about. The experiments conducted throughout this video showed that animals do have feeling and morals such as humans. It was very eye opening to see how the way animals act are...