Monorail Air Hoists

Monorail Air Hoists,   Monorail Air Hoists for sale
Monorail Air Hoists introduction:
Carrying capacities: 10 Ton up to 115 Ton per unit
According to application Monorail Hoists can be deployed as Double Lifting Gear: working in parallel as for example in BOP handling systems or working in tandem connected by a coupling rod as for example for handling grinding rollers in the cement industry.
Two versions, for each of the 75 and 100 tonne lifting capacity products in the EH range are now available in both double trolley as well as the previously available 4 trolley traverse drive versions. The new twin trolley drive versions, which offer more compact units for operation where limited space is available, are designated as EH 75 C and EH 100 C.
Monorail Air Hoists Features:
2.Low headroom.
3.Little air consumption.
4.High performance multi-vane motor with self-lubricating features and positive start-up system for a smooth start and consistent operation.
5.Trolleys with anti-drop and anti-climb devices.
6.All-steel cast iron construction.
7.Silencer for low noise operation.

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