Monitoring - How We Apply It

Monitoring is carried out systematically is integral to all aspects of our work; we:

  * Discuss monitoring and evaluation with users, funders and stakeholders
  * Produce evaluation reports
  * Document output and outcome indicators and targets
  * Benchmark where possible against similar organisations
  * Use our evaluation findings to highlight our work and drive forward new business opportunities
  * We undertake external evaluation where appropriate

Client Monitoring Data

We expect clients to make a committed effort toward achieving his/her goal. We undertake regular client “progress” monitoring and work closely with our clients to resolve any concerns or issues that may arise.

We complete progress reviews at regular intervals or at appropriate milestones previously agreed with the client. Clients are expected to demonstrate that satisfactory progress is being made toward their end goals.

Progress reviews cover:

  * Progress against goals
  * Attendance
  * Behaviour
  * On-going Client assessment of themselves

In order to judge this we take the following into consideration:

  * the nature of the training or employment goal;
  * changes in the client’s personal needs; and
  * changes in the client’s disability/health status.

All data is analysed by the Project Manager and reviewed with the client.

Tracking Outcomes

We monitor/track progress towards outcomes by:

  * Keeping track of the outcomes of all activities and   goals
  * Using clients and partner contacts to get information on progress toward outcomes.
  * Updating outcome expectations based on client needs and abilities.
  * Following up on all no-shows and other potential instances of non-cooperation.
Using the progress review to regularly self-assess client's motivation and goals for outcomes