Module B Hcs - Speeches Essay: Anwar Sadat & Aung San Suu Kyi

‘The speeches set for study continue to engage audiences through their rhetorical treatment of human aspirations and beliefs’
In the light of your critical study, does this statement resonate with your interpretation of these speeches?”
Speeches that continue to engage audiences also connect with them. This is done empathetically to address human aspirations such as unity, peace and tolerance. These are usually done through the use of rhetorical treatments. This allows for the audience to evaluate and have a critical discernment of the past’s and present’s social and cultural norms. In the “Keynote Address at the Beijing World conference on Women” (1995) and “Speeches to the Israeli Knesset”(1977) by Anwar Sadat, speakers   captivated their delegates who were listening to these speeches. This captivation was achieved through their effective use of rhetorical treatments. These treatments were used to effectively express these human aspirations and beliefs within both of their separate contexts. The speeches showed that the values of unity, peace and tolerance are able to transcend their contextual value. As each weaker was an inhabitant of the developing world, these values are considered to be significant in maintaining equality and oppressing conflict within the 21st century. This has meant that ‘through the rhetorical treatment of human aspirations and beliefs’ resonates. Each links with my personal interpretation of the two speeches.
Suu Kyi’s speech was presented during the the Third Wave feminism in the Western/affluent educated world; however, the effects stemming from it weren’t as apparent within non – democratic countries such as Burma, which she was inhabiting at the time. In her speech she addresses the human aspirations and beliefs of unity and peace within the context of “participation of women in politics and governance”, particularly focusing on war and conflict. The sets of evidence she showcased were to her audience. Suu Kyi pointed out that it...