Module B Essay

Compose and argument for or against the topic:

‘That every text has it use by date’

Consider your prescribed text’s ideas, language and form and its reception in different contexts. You must refer to at least 2 speeches.

To state that every text has its use by date would be grossly incorrect. Although the best texts address issues relevant to their social contexts, these issues are often so critically important to us as individuals and as members of society that time could not diminish their value.

Speeches addressing major issues have long been used to inform and persuade people using both literary and rhetorical techniques. Two of the premier examples come in Paul Keating’s Remembrance Day eulogy, ‘an unknown soldier’ and Aung San Suu Kyis Keynote address at the Beijing World conference on Women.

Both of these orators carefully construct their texts to maximise the effect on their respective audiences, and in doing so they ensure that their texts have a lasting relevance, immune to a use by date.

Ideas 1
Keating’s eulogy evokes prominent ideals of patriotism throughout his Remembrance Day address. Keating overall patriotic tone is seen strongly within the speeches 1st stanza through alliteration of the pronoun “we”. Similarly use of inclusive language within the word “we” includes audience members and allows Keating to establish deomcraic commonality, this effect of including all Australians within his speech lets audience members identify with Keating and sense they belong to both the solider and the speaker himself.  

Furthermore Keating portrays patriotism to his 1993 audience within the 2nd stanza. The quote “one of the 324 000 Australian who served overseas in that war and one of the 60 000 Australians who died on foreign soil” Keating’s clever appeal to logos endears himself to his audience by knowing his topic and again allowing his Australian audience to identify with him and more importantly all the deceased Australian soldiers who...