Outgline Inequalities on a Street You Know

This short piece of work will endeavour to look at inequalities in Port Street, Evesham. It will draw on facts that have been learnt whilst studying City Road as part of this module. This essay will look at inequalities in the following areas namely parking, residency and flooding and shops.
Port Street is a long established street in the heart of Evesham.   It has been hit by many catastrophes’ not least the major floods of July 2007 in which major damage was caused by the river Avon.   Many businesses were flooded and damage ran into thousands of pounds. Indeed, many shops closed down after the floods and never reopened. This lead to Port Street becoming a “ghost” street that nobody visited. Graffiti starting appearing on derelict buildings and it had an “unsafe” feel about it. However in January 2011 a grant from The Heritage Fund was given to Port Street for the sum of £257,000 this was to enable the regeneration of Port Street. (http://www.wychavon.gov.uk)
The first of the grants have been allocated to the Regal cinema for the sum of £80,000. This cinema is now closed; however it used to be the hub of the community and can be compared to cinema in City Road. Until recently it had become an eyesore and focus for vandalism.   In its heyday the cinema would bring revenue to the town as families from neighboring villages would visit. There was also a fish and chip shop and several cafes that encouraged spending.  
Many of the local cafes have now closed and have been occupied by immigrants who are selling foods from their own countries of origin.   One particular café that could easily be compared to Taste Buds café in City Road (Making Social Lives, 2009, scene 5) was Robinson’s café and bakery. It was situated in mid Port Street and offered a pleasant environment for the elderly residents to meet up socially. It was a long established family run business that attracted many loyal customers as well as custom from tourists visiting Evesham. Sadly now, with the...