Mlk Ret Analysis

MLK Rhetorical Analysis

When Martin Luther King Jr. was incarcerated in the Birmingham Jail he was written a letter from eight clergymen from Alabama telling him that his action were untimely and to rash to achieve King’s goals. King responded to the eight clergymen the A Letter from a Birmingham Jail in which he refutes and argues that time is now for the change of segregation laws in the south.

The Speaker in this letter from a Birmingham Jail is Martin Luther King Jr. King’s voice is the only voice in the letter, but his voice brings many things to the tone of his passage. One of the ways King affects to the article is he speaks to the clergymen as there are all men cut from the same cloth effects the ethos to the article. Also there is a neediness or urgency in which King implores the clergymen to appeal to his logic on why the time is now to end segregation.

The immediate occasion is King’s arrest and incarceration a Birmingham jail cell and a letter from eight clergymen condemning his actions. The larger occasion is the end of segregation in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. The immediate occasion is what caused King to write this letter is the fact that he is in a jail cell and then a group of eight fellow men of the cloth write him a letter in which they condemn his actions telling him that now is no the time to start to try and end segregation. The larger occasion the struggle to end segregation in the Birmingham.

The Purpose is to show King’s argument to the eight clergy men on way the time was right to start the attempts to end segregation is Birmingham. The most apparent reason for King to right this letter is to respond to the letter that the eight clergymen wrote to him when they heard that King had been arrested. The eight clergymen are the audience because King is writing the letter to respond to the letter that the audience wrote to him. The reason that King responded to there letter is in the letter the clergymen sent they told King...