Misty Hills Book Festival

Misty Hills Book Festival
Draft Planning Document
“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King
This document serves as a draft discussion document for organising the Misty Hills High Book Festival, which will include workshops presented by the local Municipal Libraries   , author talks and writer panels. As the first task is to seek expertise,support and advice to achieve the goals above, which can only be done by forming the necessary committees and sub-committees. The steering committee will need to have some de facto members and they will have to identify the key functions of each of the sub committees.
The organising or steering committee would need a representative from each of the participating libraries and schools included on this committee. Various other key role players will be co-opted onto this steering committee. The initial tasks of this steering committee include the following:
  * Setting clear objectives for the event
  * Conducting a brainstorming session to gather ideas
  * Proposing a few locations/venues and dates
  * Drafting a concept document paper and proposed date & time, venue, programme and activities
  * Decide on the roles and recommend responsibilities of sub-committees
The festival dates should not conflict with other major events in the community, and care must be taken to ensure that the media facilities needed are available. It would be advisable to have the dates for the festival coincide with the South African Library week.
Finance Committee
This committee will be responsible for setting up a budget for the festival. They will work with the Publicity sub-committee in terms of identifying suitable sponsors and donors. The budget will need to be comprehensive and factor in all possible expenses and potential revenue streams such as:
  * Accommodation for authors and guest speakers
  * Application for grants and...